"I was introduced to Secure Payroll (Business Online Payroll) in April 2014. We, at Mann's Wrecker Service, were looking for a way to maximize time and to cut any unnecessary expenses. Blake, at First State Bank, asked me if I would be interested in getting information about a new product called Secure Payroll (Business Online Payroll). Anything, at this point, to save time and money. Best decision we ever made!
Secure Payroll (Business Online Payroll) takes all the headache and hassle of keeping up with weekly and monthly payroll taxes. It does all your payroll taxes and prepares your W-2 forms; prepares and files all your federal and state taxes. I now save on time and supply cost of toner to print payroll checks and the cost of the payroll checks. I was able to set up all my employees on direct deposit, so no more running all over town to deposit checks. Secure Payroll (Business Online Payroll) was the best cost effective decision we have ever made. I highly recommend it to every business large or small!!!

Susan Murtaugh
Office Manager
Mann's Wrecker Services, Jackson, TN

"I couldn't be happier with First State Bank's Small Business Lending! They understood my timeline and shared my sense of urgency. They also made the rigorous SBA process much easier on me. I would recommend First State Small Business Lending Division to any small business. Many thanks Sean, Judi, Eli, and the entire First State team!"

Lisa Seelig Rolin
Fox Ridge Pizza/Affordable Catering, Memphis, TN

"We are very pleased with our arrangement with Loomis and First State Bank. We have three restaurants in Nashville, Tennessee. It has simplified our operation, not only has it proven to be cost efficient and safe, but the guarantee factor of our deposits before the money leaves the building is such a stress release for us. 'Good Job'."

Jack Cawthon
Founder & President
Jack Cawthon's Bar-B-Que, Nashville, TN

"Discovery Park of America opened on November 1, 2013. Throughout the construction phase and during the first year of operations, our banking relationship with First State Bank has been very important. We have received excellent customer service from the local bank in Union City on a continual basis. I can think of at least two occasions when the service exceeded expectations. Shortly after we opened we ran out of cash on a Saturday when the bank was closed. Our CFO contacted Jim Bondurant, who managed to get the needed cash within a few hours. The second time that the bank exceeded our expectations occurred when we were struggling with on-line ticket sales. Again, it was Jim Bondurant who recommended that we talk with the bank's credit card vendor, BancCard, (for Merchant Services) and within a few weeks, we were selling tickets on-line.

... We appreciate the bank's commitment to this community by supporting Discovery Park. We have a fantastic relationship with First State Bank, and hope that continues into the future."

Jim Rippy, CEO
Discovery Park of America, Union City, TN

"...Remote Business Banking. I use it with every deposit we make... I find it wonderful for our needs... I would recommend this type of banking to anyone and everyone ... It's very convenient and very efficient in every way. I would recommend this check scanner to any business that has a checking account with First State Bank. I really like it and it's very, very convenient."

Kathy Hanks
Billy Hanks Farms, Atwood, TN

"The Remote Deposit Program at First State Bank has been a real time saver. The system is easy to use and deposits made will post in the same time frame as they would if we took the checks into a branch. The software is user friendly and makes reporting a breeze. I would recommend the Remote Deposit system to any business owner"

Kandas Tedesco
Lighthouse Management, LLC, Knoxville, TN

"We have been talking with our banker here locally for over six months about wanting to grow our business and needing a line of credit. They had always responded and told us that they didn't see a problem but never came through for us. Then we met and talked with Turner Gaw (First State Small Business Lending). We were both amazed at how much he understood our business and how quickly he responded with our preliminary paperwork and approvals. We honestly thought that there must be a 'catch' because it was so easy! The loan process with Kristie Lawson (at First State) was seamless and she was always quick to explain exactly what they needed and when. 

Once our closing date was set, we were contacted quickly and even closed at our home without one problem! I had always heard that getting an SBA loan was hectic, but working with First State made it much easier! We are looking forward to growing our business and even purchasing real estate in the near future and will definitely call Turner!"

Kristi Stokes
Servpro of North Richland Hills

"Our small business had worked with our previous "too big to fail" bank for over two years to restructure our working capital line of credit to no avail and with little helpfulness on their part. Our accountants introduced us to Turner Gaw at First State Bank and after spending about six months working with him and Dwight Bateman, they had crafted a very creative and intelligent financing arrangement for our company-wide needs. Our underwriting experience led by Andi Bullington was extremely efficient, enjoyable and thoughtful as well.

We've been consistently impressed with the personal service and banking partnership approach of everyone in their operation. We highly recommend bringing your banking and financing needs to the First State Bank team - they've really helped us lay a good foundation for yet further growth that we otherwise probably would not have been able to undertake since switching to First State Bank."

Steven Scesa
Wellness Solutions, Nashville & Murfreesboro, TN
Customer since 2013

"When we decided to move our Payroll Card system from a well known, national, "mega bank" to First State, a so called "community bank", we definitely had some questions and concerns.

As a member of a bank that has locations throughout the entire United States, you automatically assume they have the ability to handle your Payroll Card needs. However, we quickly learned that we didn't just want a bank that could "handle" our needs, but would also treat us as a valued customer. First State did just that. Not only did they provide us with great customer service, but they introduced us to a Payroll Card system that had all the functionality of the larger banks, but also provided flexibility and the willingness to adapt to our needs.

 I cannot express how refreshing it is to work with a company that follows through on their commitments, while providing you with an exemplary product. I highly recommend the Payroll Card service and we are a better company for having it."

Trip Swords
Jolly Roofing and Contracting, Co., Inc., Collierville, TN
Customer since 2012

"Sure Pay (Business Online Payroll) is a simple and affordable payroll solution for any small business with less than 50 employees. I have been using this payroll service for over five years and it saves me valuable time and money. Sure Pay also handles all of the employee withholding and company tax filings which I don't have the time to learn or complete. I can't imagine doing my company payroll any other way."

John W. (Chip) Brown III
Browndog Lodge, Memphis, TN
Customer since 2013

"We began using Positive Pay because we were hit with fraud several years ago. It is a great safety tool to use and gives us a great sense of security. We send a file to the bank and they match it to the checks coming into the bank and if the check number does not match they kick it to us to approve. This way no check can clear our account unless we have approved it first. Love, Love, Love Positive Pay!!"

Connie Lesley
Office Manager
Specialty Adhesives, Inc., Memphis TN
Customer since 2012

"Switching all of our banking services to First State has saved us a tremendous amount of time and money. We added First State's Lockbox Service to process our mail payments, which has freed up our staff members to be much more productive. We have been able to add this service while still reducing what we were paying in fees to our former bank. Better service and less cost made it a choice that we simply could not pass up. Making the change to First State is one of the wisest decisions that we have made!

In today's environment, with so many electronic transactions and complicated financial relationships, changing banks can be a daunting task, and frankly, we expected some mishaps. However, it went smoother than we ever imagined and we made the transition without any problems. The staff at First State was wonderful, and they continue to exceed our expectations."

B. Scott Sims, CPA
Vice President of Finance and Accounting
Southwest Tennessee Electric Membership Corp.
Customer since 2011

"First State is a first rate finance business. First State employees treat you like a person not a number. Leslie Claburn was very nice and professional. Just when you think nobody will help you, First State is always there, if you need anything, they sit and listen and try their best to help you. Thank you, First State."

Grady and Susan Allen
Obion, TN
Customer since 2008