Tired of utilizing your staff time to open and process payments? Let First State help you with your remittance processing. Our LockBox facility is located in Union City, TN. These services can significantly reduce processing costs for you and your business.

With First State's LockBox service - mailed in payments are automatically collected, processed and deposited into your account on an on-going basis. First State can provide an automated process of remittance delivery, speed money to your account and eliminate hours of manual entry by giving you the ability to upload to your A/R database.

Contact any of our Business Banking Associates and we can begin discussing a tailored solution for your business. Call us toll free at 877-910-0173 or email us today!

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Hear What Our Customers Have To Say ...
"Switching all of our banking services to First State has saved us a tremendous amount of time and money. We added First State's Lockbox Service to process our mail payments, which has freed up our staff members to be much more productive. We have been able to add this service while still reducing what we were paying in fees to our former bank. Better service and less cost made it a choice that we simply could not pass up. Making the change to First State is one of the wisest decisions that we have made!

In today's environment, with so many electronic transactions and complicated financial relationships, changing banks can be a daunting task, and frankly, we expected some mishaps. However, it went smoother than we ever imagined and we made the transition without any problems. The staff at First State was wonderful, and they continue to exceed our expectations."

B. Scott Sims, CPA
Vice President of Finance and Accounting
Southwest Tennessee Electric Membership Corp.
Customer since 2011