First State is committed to educating students of all ages about money and other financial issues. We take pride in the fact that we are helping to teach them about the importance of saving money and showing how the banking system works. Our Financial Literacy Program can be found in any First State Bank branch office. To find out more information call or come by our offices.

Real World Program (ages 14 – 18)
The Real World Program is a financial simulation of life in the real world. Students are given a “life” which includes a family, career, and a salary. Based on their life, they must make financial decisions that are appropriate for their family, simulating an entire month. During the simulation, students will choose a place to live, purchase some form of transportation, grocery shop, buy clothes, pay for childcare, and much more! After completing the program, previous participants commented that the Real World program taught them how much more it costs to live in the real world versus the expenses they have as a teenager.
National Teach Children To Save Day (ages 5 – 18)
National Teach Children to Save Day is a national campaign that raises awareness about the importance of helping young people develop lifelong savings habits. In 2014, this day will be held on April 11th. Bankers go into the classrooms and teach children how to save, as well as the importance of saving through lessons, worksheets, and games. 

Foreign Currency (ages 12 – 18)
The Foreign Currency Display includes samples of paper and coin currency from around the world, including Germany, Japan, Egypt, Belize, New Zealand, and many more. The display also contains interesting facts about currency from the United States. 
Bank Tours (ages 5 – 18)
During the Bank Tour, students will visit all departments within the bank, including the teller row, the loan department, the president's office, and everyone's favorite- the vault! Younger children will enjoy listening to the customers through the drive-thru speakers, playing the “Spoonful of Pennies” game, and cookies & juice when the tour is complete. For teenagers, the bank staff will discuss the many career opportunities in banking, as well as the importance of financial responsibility regarding personal finances. 

Identity Theft Presentation (ages 14 – 18)
The Identity Theft presentation teaches students about the fastest white collar crime in the United States - Identity Theft. This age group needs to be educated about Identity Theft as they begin to open checking accounts and use debit cards. The presentation explains what Identity Theft is, how to protect yourself, and what to do if you become a victim. Students will be given a flier with important facts and fun games about Identity Theft.