Invite a friend to bank with us and you can earn rewards points to order gifts through our Customer2Customer Referral Program! When your friend opens a checking account with us, we’ll award you with 350 points, and your friend will be awarded 300 points at account opening. Better yet, when your friend logs in and enrolls on, you’ll earn an additional 25 points and your friend receives 150 points! There are thousands of great gifts to choose from, including gift cards!


How does this program work:

  • Give a coupon to your friends! Go to your local First State Bank office and ask for referral coupons. Print your name and address on the coupons and give to your friends! Or go to our rewards website, and create an online rewards account. Click on the “Invite A Friend” graphic and send an email coupon to your friends!

  • When your friend logs in and enrolls at, you’ll earn 25 points and your friend will receive 150 points.

  • When your friend opens a new checking account and presents the coupon, they will earn 300 points immediately! And we’ll mail you a certificate for 350 points redeemable for your choice of rewards.