You'll appreciate the wide variety of lending services available at our bank. Whether you need a loan to buy a home or start a business or buy a new boat, you'll find the financial help you need right here.

Consumer Loans

Borrowing money just got easier. Looking for a personal loan? First State Bank offers you More with installment loans that are perfect for personal borrowing needs. Automobile Loans with competitive rates for new and used cars. Recreation Loans with great terms for boats, RVs, and motorcycles. First State Bank also offers installment loans for smaller needs such as furniture, vacations, or minor home improvements. We will work closely with you to set up a loan that matches your specific need ... with repayment options that fit your budget. A consumer loan is a great way to consolidate several small debts into a single monthly payment, to help make a major purchase, or for financing emergencies such as unexpected medical bills.

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Mortgage Loans 
There's a range of mortgage choices available for home loan financing. Some offer payments that are set for the life of the mortgage, while others feature smaller initial payments that will fluctuate with interest rate changes.

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Home Equity Line of Credit

If you require flexible borrowing options, First State Bank offers Home Equity Lines of Credit. Apply just once ... and when you are approved, you can simply write yourself a loan using special convenience checks. Use your line of credit for whatever you want, whenever you want it!

Home Equity Card Application - Backed by MasterCard

Whether you already have a First State Bank Home Equity Line of Credit or need one First State Bank Equity Card is the easiest way to access your Home Equity Line of Credit. Backed by Visa, the First State Bank Equity Card is always fast and convenient.

Commercial/Real Estate Loans 

First State Bank provides practical solutions to help your business grow and flourish. We offer commercial lines of credit to manage cash-flow, construction, expansion, and development loans to foster growth. First State Bank also offers financing for commercial real estate purchases, capital investments, new equipment and investment opportunities.

Business Loans

First State Bank loan officers understand the unique financial needs of developers and builders. We help our customers establish reasonable lines of credit, minimizing their financial risk. And because we are nearby, we can keep current with your construction progress, so that you can make timely draws keeping suppliers and subcontractors paid and projects moving.

Ag Loans 

Production loans help you buy the inputs for this year's crops or your livestock operations.

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