UPDATE: First State's Response to Heartbleed Bug

We are aware of the concern regarding the"Heartbleed Bug" affecting website vulnerability and are taking action. For more information regarding Heartbleed, Read More>

First State's Statement in regard to unsolicited e-mail contact

Unless the contact was initiated by you, First State will never ask you for personal information via e-mail. Asking for personal information should raise a red flag since First State e-mails will never ask you to reply with any personal information such as social security numbers, ATM or Debit Card Pins. We have provided the following information to help educate our customers on Security and Fraud issues.

Fraud Detection Hotline

  • To report Debit Card Fraud: 1-800-889-5280
  • To report lost or stolen cards: 1-800-528-2273
  • To report Credit Card Fraud: 1-800-277-2265
  • To report all other Fraud: 1-877-910-0173
To file an Internet crime complaint click Here >

I.D Theft 

Steps for Reporting Debit Card Fraud

  • To learn more about unauthorized electronic transactions Read More>

Protecting your Mobile Device

  • Safety Tips to help protect your mobile Device Read More >

Security Spotlight

Security Warnings